Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ZALORA Malaysia: First Time Buyer Review

Zalora is a famous online fashion store in Malaysia, my cousin had bought things from there and I've read a few good reviews about it but never thought of giving it a try. It was then I received a newsletter from them saying that they're offering free shipping for any purchase on that day. I immediately went to the site and these two items caught my eyes, not to mention it was cheap too, so I thought, "Hey, I should definitely get these!"

And now I'm sitting at a corner typing this post, oh how I hate myself for giving in to those offers because the things I got is just not what I've expected. Let's start with the flats, shall we? I measured the length of my feet, in the chart it says that I'm a 38 EU size, but it's not accurate at all because I need a size bigger. That's not the real problem actually, when I tried on the shoes, the back of my ankles hurts; the material being used for the flats are just not comfortable and it's without a doubt that wearing this pair of shoes could cause blisters and that's why I'm returning these instead of exchanging it to a size larger.
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