Wednesday, May 25, 2016

FromJapan Proxy Service Guide + Review

Greetings!! It has been a while...  
This post has been sitting in my drafts for too long, because I don't have the motivation to finish it due to no internet at home and I still don't have internet at my home, but since I'm in a cafe with wifi I thought, I shall not longer delay this post any further and soo.. here it is!

Today I'll be reviewing FromJapan Proxy Service. What's a proxy service you ask? Well, a lot of Japanese online stores don't ship out of Japan but there's another way to get the things you want! All you've to do is to use a proxy service; downside of it? You've to spend a little bit more money since it's not free, like, you'd wish it is. 

At one point, I was going to try using their shopping service but then I decided to do it myself—Since I could save some money by ordering it myself. It's actually not that hard, use Google Translate and get a Japanese address by signing up with a Japan SS that offers forwarding service. I used their auction service and since it was my first time, I had troubles with it; even made a mistake cause I was too lazy reading the first timer guide. 
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