Wednesday, May 25, 2016

FromJapan Proxy Service Guide + Review

Greetings!! It has been a while...  
This post has been sitting in my drafts for too long, because I don't have the motivation to finish it due to no internet at home and I still don't have internet at my home, but since I'm in a cafe with wifi I thought, I shall not longer delay this post any further and soo.. here it is!

Today I'll be reviewing FromJapan Proxy Service. What's a proxy service you ask? Well, a lot of Japanese online stores don't ship out of Japan but there's another way to get the things you want! All you've to do is to use a proxy service; downside of it? You've to spend a little bit more money since it's not free, like, you'd wish it is. 

At one point, I was going to try using their shopping service but then I decided to do it myself—Since I could save some money by ordering it myself. It's actually not that hard, use Google Translate and get a Japanese address by signing up with a Japan SS that offers forwarding service. I used their auction service and since it was my first time, I had troubles with it; even made a mistake cause I was too lazy reading the first timer guide. 

It's not really that hard to navigate around the site, just find an item you like on YJA!, Mbok, or any other auction sites; copy the link and enter it in the Bid/ Order bar.

The only sites that FromJapan provide real-time bidding system are YJA!, Amazon JP, カラメル, Zozo Town and Seven Net. Once you enter the link, you'll be brought to the Product Details page with all the information of the item. Before placing a bid, you must place a deposit in order to be able to bid. Which can be troublesome since you never know how much you'll be going to use. Always go for a few hundreds higher since there's a 200 service fee for per bidding. To place a deposit, go to "My Account" and at the top of the page, you'll see your deposit and points balance. From there, click the "Place a Deposit" button and enter the amount of deposit you'd like to have in your FJ account 

Once you win an auction bid, an email message will be sent to you to notify you; you'll also receive email messages from FJ when someone outbids you, so you could be up to date with the item you're auctioning. Though, I'd say the best way to win an auction is to refresh the page again and again till the very last minute to assure that you're not being outbid. Oh, and one important thing is that when you place a bid, for the domestic shipping method, always go for the cheaper option instead of the secure unless the item is really valuable because I made the mistake of using secure shipping for a 2 piece of dresses and I ended up paying (¥1000+ shipping fee for each dress). When you've got everything you want, go to Charge 1; item price + ¥200 commission fee + 5% system fee, to pay for your items.

After paying, the next step is the Shipping Instruction, there are plenty of shipping methods for you to choose from. For me, surprisingly, FedEx is cheaper (I've read a bunch of comments in MFC and people said that EMS is usually cheaper than FedEx, which in my case it's not so I guess FedEx is cheaper for those who live in Asia Pacific?) and yes, the possibility of getting taxed using FedEx is a 100% as they have their own custom, so if the total cost of the item(s) exceeds, (which varies in every different country) for me, it's RM500 with shipping cost and insurance included—which is ridiculously low. I did get taxed because my shipment value is above RM500, there's a way to avoid tax, which is that you can mark down the declared value of the item(s) yourself, but if the parcel is lost, damaged or stolen, you'll only be insured up to the amount you've declared.

Wait for a day or two, once Charge 2; shipping fees (domestic & international) + 5% system fee + other services fee (optional), is ready, do pay for it within 3 days or you'll be charged for late payment penalty and you're done. The last step is to patiently wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep. 

  • Easy to use
  • Good website navigation
  • Efficient customer service
  • Cheap commission fee; ¥200
  • Variety of shipping methods
  • Allows you to get anything on the auction site

  • Holds no responsible for fraud 
  • Once bid is placed, no cancellation unless you pay ¥2000 for it
  • Pricey, system usage fee and bank transfer fee is charged twice for Charge 1 & 2


Will I be using FromJapan auction service again? Maybe, it's not that I'm unhappy with their service, as a matter of fact, I'm very happy with them but because with the cost, it's low but with this and that added up it does cost quite a lot. I don't think I'll use them again unless I've found something I really want from the auction sites. 
Thanks for reading & have a nice day!!

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