Saturday, January 30, 2016

ヤフオク! Yahoo! Japan Auctions Order #1

I found out about Yahoo Auctions! from FromJapan, and after browsing on there for a while, I decided to get a few things from there. The first item I got is a Liz Lisa brown plaid OP, and why is it that I don't have a picture of it? Well, long story short, I made a mistake with paying it using PayPal and ended up having to send it the address that's used on my PayPal account, which is why I don't have it with me right now.

Condition: New with tags

The next item I got is a LizMero check floral OP (Pink). There are quite a number of people on Yahoo Auctions selling this dress which comes in beige and pink in colour. There's also another dress in pink with the exact same design but without the florals. Just type in リズメロ in the search bar and you'll find it. I really love this dress, though I'd like it even more if the fabric that's being used for this dress is thinner as the weather in Malaysia is always hot and humid.

Condition: Used

I found it funny that I actually decided to bid for this preloved dress because I'm not a fan of getting used clothing but this dress is really cute and cheap so I decided to get it. There's a small stain on the zipper, but since it's on the inside of the dress, nobody will see it. After trying on the dress, it didn't look like how I'd imagined it to be. I'm thinking of taking it to a seamstress to get rid of the sleeves as I think it'd look better without it.

Condition: New with tags

When I first bid for these shoes, I had no idea it's from Yumetenbo. I got these for around the original price with all the shipping and other fees added to it. I was praying while I was trying on these shoes, hoping it would fit, and it did! But it's quite tight for me and when I tried to walk on it, it really does hurt my feet... I really love these shoes, but I guess I've to sell it off since there's no point in keeping shoes that don't fit. To anyone who's interested in buying these shoes from me, please go to my store.

Last but not least, a Liz Lisa fukubukuro!! Contents only. I've no idea which year this fukubukuro is from, but according to the seller, it's from several years ago; tried searching for it, but still can't find which fukubukuro it is from. There are 10 items in totalall new with tags on itone scrunchy, one blanket, one dress, one coat, two tops, two bottoms, and a set of sleepwear. I decided to bid for it cause of the coat; the others, I've not much of a clue of what it was as the photos don't provide a full view of the items except the coat. I'm happy with all the things that I've got but because of the weather here, I've decided to sell some of those warmer pieces off. And the blanket afsghawekcxkmlka!! It's so pretty!! 

I'm currently working on a beginner's guide to YJA! Once it's done. I'll be posting the link up here. Also, I'll be getting package from TKL soon!! It's currently on its way to the post office near my place. I'll probably just go pick up the package myself once it reaches!! 

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  1. Love all the Liz Lisa stuffs you got! I'm a fan of Liz Lisa too^^


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