Liz Lisa Summer Lucky Bag 2016 Reveal

by - Saturday, August 20, 2016

Greetings snowflakes!! I'll be sharing with you the pieces I've gotten from this Liz Lisa lucky bag that cost only ¥5400 (with tax) I was actually hoping to get pieces that are white or pink in colour but ended up with 3 pieces that are blue in colour   I wasn't really that upset until I saw what the others have gotten from this lucky bag. I'm still contemplating whether or not to sell the entire bag off or to keep some of the pieces to myself as I do quite like the sleeveless crop top that's in light pink colour, but if there's any of you that would like to buy/ swap any of the items from the bag or everything that's in this bag, feel free to message me about it. (Update: Sold)

Most of the items from the lucky bag can be found in the outlet section. Nothing surprising, well, mine that is to be more specific since I really am not a fan of blue colour. I saw a tweet that says that the Disney Beauty & The Beast OP is included in the bag, but so far I haven't seen anybody who got it yet. Hm, I wouldn't say I regret getting this lucky bag because of the price, but like I said before, not a fan of blue colour, I just couldn't be happy with the content and not to mention that there's this funky smell from the OP, it has this washed jeans that has been left overnight in the machine being kinda smell. It's not that strong, but when I was trying the OP, it's just blergh, I can't. 

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