December in Pictures

by - Friday, January 06, 2017

With a blink of an eye, it's 2017 now (I'm still not ready for 2017!) 
It's scary how time flies by so fast, but this also means it's the start of a new beginning. During the mid-December, I actually went on a trip to Japan with a friend of mine that we've planned together since August. When we arrived in Japan, it was already night time so we were rushing to catch the last train. The whole train system is confusing af to me and upon arriving at the station, it's a 7mins walk from the station to the hotel, which is fine, I love to walk BUT! It was raining heavily, which is something that I'd never expect to happen... So, I stood there and decided to wait for the rain to die down a lil before heading to the hotel. Unfortunately, the odds are not in my favor, the metro worker then came up to us and told us that they're closing the station soon... And so, we ran out into the heavy rain, seeking for the nearest convenient store to hide from the rain but it's wayyy too far from us, by the time we reach the convenient store, we'll be soaked in rain, so we ended up standing under the canopy with a row of closed stores.

Few minutes passed, and the rain wasn't slowing down so we decided to grab a cab, but no cab was to be seen... We stood there for quite a while (Which felt like an eternity) and it was then we saw a few Japanese men in suits getting out from a store, laughing loudly. My friend then immediately went up to them and asked for help, (Which I think it's crazy cause they were drunk af) one of the men even insisted on giving his umbrella to us. When he saw a cab coming, he jumped out into the rain to stop it. We shared the cab, the man was really helpful and nice (Not sure if it's because that he was drunk as he reeked of alcohol) But am grateful that we've met someone this kind. The rest of the trip was fun, though I keep getting lost even with the help of Google Maps.

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