Beauty Products I Regret Buying 2017

by - Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 is here, and it's time to clear out those unwanted beauty products kept in my drawer to make way for new ones! To me, every single purchase of a beauty product is like taking a gamble, you'll never know if the product works for you or not. Even after doing research online by reading one after another review about a particular product, the possibility of a product being a disappointment is still there and these are the products that I honestly regret spending money on that I wish I could trade them back for money.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Lotion Very Moist

I got this moisturizer from the dutyfree store in Taoyuan airport. I can still vividly remember how I ended up purchasing this. I was in a rush to board the plane because it was already the final boarding call for my flight. I asked the saleslady which moisturizer she would recommend, and she went and grabbed this product for me, saying that it is really moisturizing and works perfectly well for people with dry skin type. I was excited to try this out only to be disappointed by it. Since it didn't work for me, I thought maybe it is not compatible with my skin so I gave it to my mom and it didn't work for her either. It's a gel moisturizer, and it smells exactly like one of those cheap shampoo. After applying it on my face for awhile, face feels sticky, and I don't
feel the moisturizer being absorb into my skin at all instead it feels like a layer of gel covered my entire face. Besides that, phenoxyethanol (paraben) is one of the ingredients in this product, which can have an effect on the brain and the central nervous system (ORGAID). I'll never purchase any skincare from Chanel ever again.

DHC Supplements 

During my 2016 trip to Japan, I searched for must buy beauty products and this is one of it. I got 5 different types of supplement from DHC and the one that I ate dilligently without missing a day is the DHC lower body slimming tablets for slim legs, the packaging is light green in colour. I finished 3 packets of it (20 days portion), and honestly, I don't feel any difference at all and I found that the best way to slim down any part of your body is to exercise. No pain, no gain. Relying on these pills for slimming is an absolute waste of money. 

LUNA Long Lasting Tip Concealer #03 Bright

I was browsing around as I stumbled upon a review, raving about this concealer about how it works exactly the same as the NARS radiant creamy concealer and it only cost half of its price. I do own a tube of NARS concealer, my first actually before getting this, so I thought, if it works exactly like NARS, why spend more? Which is why I decided to give it a go. Do I regret it, yes! Its texture is more watery compared to NARS, and its coverage is an utter joke when being compared to NARS concealer. It's definitely nowhere near up to NARS concealer standard, the materials used for this product looks and feels cheap too. If you're thinking of trying this product out, skip it. Not worth the money. 

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint #PK-01

Again, this is one of the many K-beauty products that people raved about. This is actually an impulse buy at Hermo warehouse sale, I also got the Chateau Labiotte lipstick too. I absolutely detest the smell of the lip tint and lipstick. The colour looks awful too, maybe I picked the wrong colour and it doesn't match with me, but will I ever try any of their lip product again? Most probably not, but I'm thinking of getting their lipbalm because of its packaging, what can I say, I'm a sucker for anything that has a nice packaging.  

Peri Pera Airy Ink Velvet #5 Elf Light Rose

Another K-beauty must get/ try, it smudges and every use dries out my lips making it chappy. The colour is pretty and I love it, and its staying power is quite strong as well, even after I eat or drink the colour is still visible. However, whenever I try to remove it with my cleansing oil, the skin of my lips would come off while removing it, and the deadskin is coloured, so yes, its staying power is definitely strong, but because of how it always leave me with chappy lips, I don't like this product. I don't use it frequently so I think this bottle would last me a long time. 

Mentholatum Lip Fondue Aurora 3D Pearl

Look at that packaging! How can I say no to it? Totally got this because of its packaging and I don't really use it because of it sweet scent which makes me feel like barfing and dizzy. As it is extremely sticky, it doesn't glide on that easily so that's a minus. Also, it's designed with a dial-lock tube so you can never twist it back down once you twist it up, and I find that really inconvenient even though it's function is to make it more convenient but I find it the opposite. Definitely will not repurchase this lip balm which can be used as a lip gloss too as said on the description of the product. 

Canmake Lip Concealer Moist In'

Why did I get this? Well, I wanted to try the Korean ulzzang gradient lip, but this just doesn't work for me. It dries out my lips, making it look chappy and looks funny when I layer it with my lipstick/ lip tint. It doesn't cover up my lip line as well, probably because I've dark lips. While I’m sure the product works for some people, I was not that fortunate.
Have you tried any of these disappointing products? If so, is it a yay or nay from you? Feel free to share with me the beauty products you regret buying so I can be saved from more disappointment 

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