Japan Beauty & Makeup Haul

by - Saturday, January 27, 2018

What I love about Japan most is their drugstores, I could spend an entire day going to one store after another without getting bored because there are so many things to look at. To make things easier, I've categorized into three categories; makeup, skincare, and haircare.


  • Bausch + Lomb ReNu Fresh Color MultiPurpose Solution
  • PienAge Luxe (Mellow)
  • PienAge Luxe (Mirage)
  • DUP Eyelashes (Secret Line Air #935)
  • Decorative Eyelash (Innocent Wink #102)
  • SUGAO Cream Eyeshadow (Shell Pink) 
  • SUGAO Cream Eyeshadow (Rose Pink) 
One of my resolution this year is to try on coloured contact lenses and since it was on sale too, about 400yen off I decided to get 2 boxes of PienAge contact lenses. I was going to get more but am afraid that I wouldn't be using it at all so I decided to go with just two and the same goes for falsies, I still have 3 boxes of falsies in my drawer and has yet to use it.

  • Kanebo Japan Media Makeup Eyebrow Pencil (DB)
  • Kanebo Japan Media Makeup Eye Liner Pencil (BR) 
  • Kate Sharp Lock Gel Pencil (BR) 
  • Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (Dark Brown #02)
  • Cezanne Two Color Eye Shadow Lame Series (Coral Brown #05)
  • Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes (Sweet Flamingo #10)
  • Canmake Lasting Multi Eyebase WP
  • Canmake Lighting Liquid Eyes #2
  • Lovelid 
I'm currently using the eyeliner by Kate so it's a repurchase as for Isehan KissMe Heroine liquid eyeliner it's well known for its eyeliner because it doesn't smudge that's why I got two. I'm used to using gel liner so... let's pray that I'll actually use this. I'm using the eyeshadow palette from Canmake almost every single day for now because the colour is very natural and can be used for an everyday makeup look. I totally regret getting the under eyes highlighter because I'm not really into it or it just takes time to get used to it like how I wasn't into eyeliner before and now I'm drawing it everyday except I only line my waterline for a more natural look?

  • Opera Tint Oil Rouge Lip Tint #05
  • Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss 
  • Paul & Joe Lip Treatment Balm 
  • Flowfushi Lip 38°c Lip Treatment Gloss +1°c
  • Flowfushi Lip 38°c Lip Treatment Gloss +3°c
  • SUGAO Chiffon Sense Powder (SPF23 PA +++)
  • Kose Lip Gel Magic 
I'm in love with Flowfushi Lip +1! I don't like +3 and if I ever repurchase this product, I'll go for +1 only. SUGAO powder and Kose lip gel are products that I repurchased. The Paul & Joe lip treatment balm was bought due to its adorable packaging, a kitten-shaped head is revealed when you twist the balm up so how could ANYONE say no to it? I actually gave one to my mother and she has yet to use it and I asked her why to which she said, "If I use it then the kitten-shaped will be gone." pfft~


  • Cure Natural Aqua Gel
  • Saborino Wake Up Sheet Morning Mask 
  • Saborino Tired Night Mask 
  • Panasonic Pore Cleanser EH 2513P
I've finally decided to pick up this exfoliator that was featured in many magazines. This item was also on my beauty wishlist for awhile too, but because I'm not a fan of using exfoliator I put it on hold. I've used it once so far so I can't really say anything about it yet. I'll probably post a review about it. Then there's the Saborino masks, another product that's highly-raved. Before getting these two, I tried the one that's red in packaging and I loathe it because of its scent that smells like the combination of cough syrup and bubble gum, yuck! I've tried both the morning and night mask and I say to anyone that's thinking of getting it, YES, GET IT! Especially the morning mask because I've really dry skin and no matter how much moisturizing product I put on my face it still gets dry and flakey whenever I apply my bb cushion on it, so yes, I've finally found the holy grail to my dry skin.


  • Panasonic Hair-Straigtener EH-HS99
  • Kao Cape Styling Hairspray
  • Moroccan Oil
  • Loretta Night Care Cream
  • Luvca Kushu-Kami Cream 
  • Essential Smart Style Conditioner
  • Essential Smart Style Shampoo
  • Shampoo Samples: Ascience, Sowa Sowa
The MorrocanOil is a repurchase too, the first time I got it, I go for the travel pack which comes in two small bottles (different size). This is the only product that can tame my frizz, be it filled with silicone or not, I'm using this because I cannot live without it. The Essential shampoo and conditioner are another product that I tried before getting it, love its scent, and it can last up to a day, which I think is extremely good given its price is cheap as af, you just can't complain. Also got a bunch of shampoo and conditioner sample pack because I can't buy bottles of shampoo and conditioner back with me since I was travelling by myself and most of the Airbnb places that I rented don't have an elevator so I've to climb the stairs instead. The thought of it makes me shudder like I don't even know where I get that willpower (shopping) to drag two pieces of luggage with me going from one place to another.

  • LUSH Mask of Magnaminty
  • LUSH Skindrink
  • LUSH Breath of Fresh Air
  • LUSH Shampoo Bar (Montalbano)
  • LUSH Shampoo Bar (Godiva)
I'm surprised that I even picked up these much from Lush because I've never been a fan of it. Sure, it's organic and all but I don't know why it just doesn't appeal to me. Probably because of its packaging and some of the items there smells funny and Skindrink is one of it. It smells like a foot cream instead of a face cream but because it moisturizes my skin that is always thirsty, I've got no complaints. All you need is a pea-sized amount and your whole face will be covered so this can last a long time except that it is organic, the person advised me to finish using it within 3 months once I open it. Their shampoo bars smells strong, but after washing with it, the scent of the bar doesn't even last so it's quite disappointing. So far, I've tried Montalbano, I love, love, love the strong citrus scent. Its function is to clean the scalp leaving it squeaky clean but it does dry out the hair so if you're using this shampoo, do use it with a hair mask.

These are all the beauty products that I've picked up recently from Japan, it's not much but is more than enough for one face since the shelf life of beauty products doesn't last forever, oh how I wish they do. Which product are you interested in? Let me know and I'll post a review about it xx. 

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